Camping Information

Purchasers of full weekend tickets are entitled to camp “in the rough” on the grounds at no additional cost, unlike many festivals which impose (sometimes) steep camping charges. However, there are some important things campers at Delaware Valley need to know:

  • Due to reasons pertaining to their insurance coverage, the Fair Grounds Association will not permit campers to enter the grounds until the Wednesday before the festival. In 2023 the date is August 30 at 8:00 am.
  • The Festival Gate closes at 10:00 pm each night and does not re-open until 6:00 am. Only campers who have received their wristbands and vehicle passes will be permitted to enter or leave the festival grounds between these hours.
  • All manner and types of camping vehicles are permitted on the grounds, and tent campers are welcome as well. There is plenty of space available on a first come/first served basis.
  • We request that pets be left at home.
  • The Fair Grounds were not built as a campground, thus there are no water hookups for RV’s. There is a limited number of electric outlets available, but there is an additional charge to plug in to one of these and this charge is collected separately.
  • Campfires are permitted except in times of severe drought or dryness. All fires must be in portable fire pits and NOT on the ground. Please check at the gate upon entry for current status. All cooking must be done on self-contained equipment designed for that purpose
  • As with hookups, there are no showers on the grounds.
  • The Fair Grounds are surrounded on all sides by active, working New Jersey farms. Please respect our neighbors and their property.
  • The Salem County Fair Grounds has more than enough space for campers to crowd together or stay separated as they wish. The campground area is mostly flat, with a little roll, suitable for all types of camping vehicles. There is natural shade only along the tree line at the edge of the property (no camping in the trees, please), so campers are advised to bring their own shade.

Campground Opening and Closing
There is also no on-site security before Friday morning. Campers who come in before 8:00 am Friday do so at their own risk. The festival officially ends at 6:00 pm on Sunday evening, when the lease of the grounds terminates. In years past, the policy of the property owners has been to allow campers to stay in the campground over Sunday night, but the campground must be cleared by 10:00 am on Monday morning. As with early entry to the campground, there is no on-site security after 6:00 pm Sunday, those who remain over Sunday do so at their own risk.

Quiet Camping
Beginning in 1998, a ‘quiet camping’ area was established for those campers who preferred sleeping to jamming. This area is located in the remote back end of the campground where it is quietest, and a ‘no jamming’ regulation is in force between midnight and 8:00 am in this zone. This still leaves plenty of space for jamming into the wee hours and beyond.

Campfires and Cooking
Except during times of drought or other high fire hazard, campfires are permitted in the campground.  All fires must be in portable fire pits and NOT on the ground.  Please check at the gate when entering the grounds for the latest information regarding fires. Campfires should not be used for cooking. All cooking should be done on self-contained equipment or apparatus specifically designed for that purpose.

Groceries and Off-Grounds Shopping
For those who need to replenish supplies or pick up things forgotten, there is a Wawa convenience store about 3 miles east on US 40, where the highway makes an abrupt left turn on its way into Woodstown. For more extensive grocery shopping, there is an Acme supermarket on US 40 in the large shopping center on the right just before turning left at the Wawa.

Water and Sanitation
There are a number of outdoor faucets at the various barns and pavilions on the grounds where fresh water can be obtained for free. Ice for coolers is also available for sale during the day in the stage area. There are a number of portable toilets (cleaned regularly) at locations throughout the grounds, and the Fair Grounds Association completed construction of a permanent restroom facility in 1999. This building is located behind the stage, along the campground road.

Electrical Hookups
The Salem County Fair Grounds were not established as a campground, and electrical hookups intended for RVs and campers are not installed. Most of the sheds on the grounds have 110v outlets, and campers in previous years have often plugged in to these outlets on a first-come, first-served basis. In 2002, the owners of the Fair Grounds began collecting a nominal fee for use of these outlets to be paid by those who use them. The amount of this fee is determined by the Fair Grounds Association, and they will be visiting campers using these outlets separately and independently from the Festival Committee.

Leaving and Re-entering the Festival Grounds
All festival patrons are issued wristbands at the time they first enter the grounds upon paying for their tickets or presenting their advance ticket receipt. These wristbands are different colors, depending on the day(s) they are valid, and must be worn at all times while on the grounds. As long as he or she has a valid wristband, any festival patron may leave the festival grounds at any time, but must display the valid wristband at the gate upon re-entering. Only vehicles with camping passes will be allowed in the campground, and all overnight campers must wear weekend ticket wristbands at all times.