Festival Guidelines & Policies

In order to provide an enjoyable and trouble-free environment for all of our attendees, we ask that you observe the following guidelines while at the festival.


Several problems with pets at our festival have necessitated a clarification of our pets policy. We have had numerous complaints about the presence of pets at the festival. Since pets are not allowed in the concert or food areas, this  means they are alone and unsupervised much of the time. If you are listening to music or eating where is your dog?!

You are 100% responsible for your dog (pet) from the time you drive onto the Fairgrounds property. Your dog (pet) must be supervised by a human at all times, unless contained in your camping area, and must be kept quiet at all times.

Dogs must be leashed at all times unless inside a tent, motorhome, RV, crate or X-pen. Loose dogs may be caught and turned over to the Salem County Animal Control.

You must “pick-up” after your dog. You are also responsible to be sure your dog does not urinate on other people’s personal property. Yes, we had complaints about that!

If your dog barks it is your responsibility to stop it. You will have two warnings that your dog is barking. These may be from the management for the festival, Fairgrounds management or the Security Company Officers. Should a third incident occur, Salem County Animal Control will be contacted to remove the dog from the grounds and you will be asked to leave the festival.

And remember, dogs are still not allowed in any of the seating areas in front of the stage, under the pavilions, on or around the bleachers or in the food area*.

*All Guide Dogs and working service dogs will be allowed the freedom and access necessary.


All those who pay admission to the festival are issued wristbands at the gate which designate whether they have paid for the full weekend or individual days. These wristbands must be affixed around the wrist and displayed at all times while on the festival grounds. Festival patrons may leave and re-enter the grounds at their convenience, provided they show their wristbands to gate personnel upon re-entry.


We have a “share a chair” policy. You may sit in any unoccupied chair inside the stage area but please be courteous and move when the chair’s owner arrives.

Note that the first few rows of seats on one side of the stage pavilion are reserved for the Brandywine Friends Board of Directors, guests and staff. The area will be marked. Please do not move or remove those chairs and, in particular, do not block the aisles or steps up to the stage.


No open alcohol is to be displayed in the pavilion or stage area. You can bring coolers into the stage area but they must fit under your seat. Please do not block the aisles.


The festival gate is open for business on Wednesday before the festival. Hours are as follows:

Wednesday 8am – midnight
Thursday 8am – midnight
Friday 8am-10pm
Saturday 8am-10pm
Sunday 8am-5:30pm

Campers arriving during overnight hours who have not yet received their wristbands will not be admitted to the grounds, though they will be permitted to park in the entrance lane until the gate opens in the morning. Campers who have received their wristbands will be permitted to leave and re-enter the grounds overnight, provided they display wristbands to gate security personnel upon re-entry.


Festival attendees who purchase full weekend tickets are entitled to camp on the grounds within designated camping areas at no extra charge. Please respect the working farmers and homeowners whose lands surround the Fairgrounds by not camping or trespassing on their property (it’s very easy to discern where the lines are). By tradition, the northwest section of the campground (out by the “Lone Tree”) is “quiet camping”, where jamming is discouraged between 10:00 pm and 10:00 am.


The Salem County Fairgrounds Association, owners of the property, make a limited number of electric outlets available to campers during the weekend for an added fee. This fee and service is managed entirely by the Fairgrounds staff, the Brandywine Friends has no connection to it. If you wish to inquire about availability of electric hookups, or if you have one and are experiencing a problem with it, please ask at the Brandywine Friends table to have a Fairgrounds staff member come to you, or ask one of the Festival Security officers. There are a number of spigots located at the various sheds on the grounds at which campers can obtain fresh water. Please be sure to turn them off when you have finished.


Please limit the use of generators in the campground to between the hours of 10:00 am and 11:00 pm. Campers operating generators overnight will be asked by Festival Security Guards to turn them off. Campers who refuse to observe generator guidelines may be asked to leave the grounds.